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Redefining badassery: in my journey of life, my mommyhood to Lael, my work as CMO at Endeavor (WME, IMG, UFC, Miss Universe, PBR, EGM et al)


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4 Stories

Last Sunday I went to chuuuuuurch in the house of the @blackexcellencebrunch curated by the good brotha @trellworld πŸ’ͺπŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏ I preached a WORD we caught The Spirit and drank some spirits Amen??? and left there filled with the all the magic of our culture. Don&amprsquot let them tell you that all company is good company... if you want to excel surround yourself with excellence. Thank you for all the melanated people who surrounded me with light... let&amprsquos shine!!!! ✨ 

Last Sunday I went to chuuuuuurch in the house of ...

This past week I turned alllllll the way up with my classmates in the @henrycrownfellows seminar at The Aspen Institute and I turned excruciatingly inward to reflect on the writings of Frederick Douglass Buddha Aristotle and Wendell Berry to name a few which we read and analyzed together. This week was the culmination of 4 week-long seminars over 2 years and I&amprsquove never been as intellectually challenged as I have been with this special group of 20 who have been chosen out of all the successful business people in the world to grow from success to significance. I am reinvigorated and recharged to turn my accomplishments into more than just a collection but to utilize this inflection point both professionally and personally to dynamically change the world.  My greatest thanks to each one to whom I&amprsquove journeyed with over these years... it&amprsquos truly my honor to be counted as one in this fellowship. Today our graduation isn&amprsquot the end&ampmdash so watch out world... Onward!

This past week I turned alllllll the way up with m ...

My love may 5th grade be magical in every way... harness new knowledge chart incredible adventures enjoy valuable friendships and create wonderful memories. ✨

My love may 5th grade be magical in every way... h ...

Oooooh... they said bring  drama glitter sparkle and magic to @beautycon... well WE πŸ‘πŸΏ DID πŸ‘πŸΏ THAT πŸ‘πŸΏ and so did @moj for creating an EPIC space like this for us to show out!! #beautycon
Glam by @taiyoungstyle 
Crown by @reign.mari.hair
Nails by @heyquisa
Lewk by @aliceandolivia 
Earrings by @melodyehsani
Shoes by @louboutinworld.

Oooooh... they said bring drama glitter sparkle a ...

Y&amprsquoall I was preachin&amprsquo in church today... although it wasn&amprsquot a Sunday and it&amprsquos not a regular congregation 7000 in attendance 100000 worldwide and I was wearing a suit that told the devil that he&amprsquos a liar... oweeee! It was good. Thank you @glnsummit @paulafaris for a helluva good time ✨πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸΏ #GLS19
Suited by @calvinklein 
Stilettoed by @louboutinworld 
Jeweled by @dvf 
Styled by @negar_ali_kline
Photographed by @sunny_thomas.

Y&rsquoall I was preachin&rsquo in church to ...

I first met my late husband Peter almost 20 years ago in the cafeteria of the building we both worked in New York. &ampnbspI was ordering breakfast and admittedly taking my time. &ampnbspHe was impatient and also trying to find a way to get my attention. &ampnbspHe yelled out from the back of the line &ampldquoYou look like royalty but you don&amprsquot own this place. Hurry up and order!&amprdquo Well&amphellip he succeeded in getting my attention and also royally pissing me off. &ampnbspSo it didn&amprsquot help his cause when he tried to ask me out for consecutive days after that. &ampnbspFinally one morning after his incessant pleas he asked how he was ever going to get to know me if I didn&amprsquot go out with him. &ampnbspI told him to read my favorite author Toni Morrison&amprsquos &ampldquoSong of Solomon.&amprdquo Her prose is difficult to digest and she doesn&amprsquot care to make it easy with themes which are centered on the African American experience. &ampnbspI doubted that Peter with his 6&amprsquo4&amprdquo Italian-Catholic reddish blonde hair and green-eyed Massachusetts-bred  had ever heard of Toni Morrison or would be able to finish the book any time this century. &ampnbspI was wrong. &ampnbspHe read the book within a week and asked me out again. &ampnbspThis time I accepted because I wanted to make a fool of his arrogance and challenge his interpretation. &ampnbspI was wrong again. &ampnbspThat November night Peter thoughtfully presented his percpective. &ampnbspI was floored and I was besotted. &ampnbspWe continued dating and I gifted him a copy of the book for Christmas that year which I signed but it was on my birthday in January that Peter won my heart. After dinner he unveiled an oil-painting he&amprsquod created based on &ampldquoSong of Solomon.&amprdquo Peter had never picked up a brush before but had painted a perfect picture for me. I knew that day that I would marry him. &ampnbspThe painting is now hanging in our daughter&amprsquos room and I love telling her the story of how I fell in love with her father. &ampnbspI wanted to tell Toni Morrison this story too and show her Peter&amprsquos painting. &ampnbspI wanted her to know the extraordinary way her words came to life. But since I&amprsquoll never have the opportunity to tell her in this life my hope is that now that they&amprsquove both transitioned Peter can tell her himself.
#RestInLove #ToniMorrison.

I first met my late husband Peter almost 20 years ...

What are you carrying into Monday?  Will it slow you down or help you go forward? 

What are you carrying into Monday? Will it slow y ...

Speaking of fit... oooooweeeee check out my homegirl and WME client @juleshough&amprsquos cover of @womenshealthmag. She&amprsquos nekkid!! 🀭😍πŸ’ͺ🏿 And she&amprsquos strong... not just physically but in her transformational journey spiritually &ampamp mentally.  I&amprsquom so proud to be along the journey with her and to help develop her next big movement in @kinrgy ✨ ✨ ✨ Let&amprsquos gooooooooo!!! #WomenEmpoweringWomen

Speaking of fit... oooooweeeee check out my homegi ...

It&amprsquos been 365 days since I committed to changing my health and wellness. But to be honest I didn&amprsquot really think I&amprsquod make it past Day 1.  There&amprsquod been too many days prior to that in which I&amprsquod put myself last... convincing myself that running through airports and up corporate ladders was all the cardio I needed eating too many &ampldquocomfort&amprdquo foods that in truth didn&amprsquot make me feel good sleeping too little and worrying too much drinking enough to take the edge off without going over the edge but getting pretty damn close... those days were literally sucking the life out of me. On August 1 2018 I reached out to @jerry_housey of @stronghousefitness and asked for help because I didn&amprsquot want to wake up on another day not feeling my best. He said he&amprsquod commit if I commit and he kept his word all year&ampmdash whether it was at 530a at my house or a weekend session at the gym with Lael in tow because single mommy life or virtually in any one of the 9 countries I&amprsquove been in this past year btw converting lbs to kgs and miles to kms ain&amprsquot easy! Today I went to gym and recounted the whole year with Jerry I realized that the results speak for themselves. I&amprsquom committed and therefore I&amprsquom healthier I&amprsquom off of high blood pressure medication for the first time in 11 years since my pregnancies induced pre-eclampsia and I&amprsquove lost 24 lbs I&amprsquom happier I have so much more energy because I&amprsquom sleeping 7-8 hours per night and working out my stress in the gym and I&amprsquom just simply better do you see this glow?? So I&amprsquove told myself this I want to be the best version of myself for all the rest of my days... there&amprsquos no turning back. So here we go to year 2... onward!! #CommittedToGreatness

It&rsquos been 365 days since I committed to ch ...

SQUAD... we came together to surround our best girl with love ratchedness blessings and a helluva good time to send her off into wedded matrimony. We will continue to surround her forever... so when you see her you see us. WE LOVE YOU @luvvie... and WE GOTCHU FOR LIFE ❀️ #BachLuvv

SQUAD... we came together to surround our best gir ...

play_circle_filled I am a Sufi Woman per @jidenna... by way of Accra... raised in ado Springs... made in New York City... living in Los Angeles... currently vacationing out loud in Anguilla 🧚🏿&ampzwj♀️ #formerlyabambiwoman

I am a Sufi Woman per @jidenna... by way of Accra. ...

Every day I start the morning by counting my blessings. Today is different because it&amprsquos my assistant @nimotalaiganiyu&amprsquos birthday... so I&amprsquom counting the Top 10 reasons why I&amprsquom thankful for her

She takes INCREDIBLE photos like this where her melanin pops bams and kapooooows

She&amprsquos eager to learn and eager-er to win 
She has a contagious laugh

She&amprsquos adored by my daughter and my mother alike 
She has the capacity for absolute greatness 
She cares with her whole heart

She makes mistakes and makes the corrections immediately 
She is fabulous

She embodies her ancestral battle cry&ampmdash Naija no dey carry last oooo

She proves that regardless of  or circumstance you can make dreams come true

So today and every day my prayer is that she will continue to live in a way that brings her closer to fulfilling all her dreams

Happy birthday Nimotalai!!!.

Every day I start the morning by counting my bless ...