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Proudly Mexican 🇲🇽, little bit crazy loco. • Check out my clothing brand @acapellaco ✉️ ᴊᴜᴀɴᴘᴀᴢᴜʀɪᴛᴀ@ᴡᴇᴀʀᴇᴅᴡ.ᴄᴏᴍ


Throwback to my first time ever going to @ultra. Can&amprsquot wait for this year 🔥  by @bryant.

Throwback to my first time ever going to @ultra. C ...

Thank you @theshotsfamily and @wearedwgroup for helping me put this together. Never could have done this without a great team. 💪🏻.


I&amprsquove always enjoyed visiting rooftops around the world. Medellin has a very particular one. You can see the iconic buildings of the city and right behind the huge famous Colombian mountains. It&amprsquos rare to see city and jungle that close together. Eres una chimba Medellin!  by @arturoplataa.

I&rsquove always enjoyed visiting rooftops arou ...

Pasamos 24 horas en Medell&ampiacuten para grabar algo muy especial. @luisafernandaw me escribi&ampoacute hace un par de semanas para invitarme a formar parte en el video de la &ampuacuteltima canci&ampoacuten que grab&ampoacute con Legarda. Yo nunca tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo pero pude conocer a la gente que lo rodea y entend&ampiacute lo gigante que fue y es. Es un honor poder formar parte de la historia de un ser tan querido por su gente y mis amigos. Gracias por la confianza Luisa. Descansa en paz Lega.  by @arturoplataa.

Pasamos 24 horas en Medell&iacuten para grabar ...

play_circle_filled Movie Night 🍿  TAG THAT FRIEND ⬇️
&ampbull w/ @hannahstocking @twan @directedbystro.

Movie Night 🍿 TAG THAT FRIEND ⬇️ &bull ...

WHY DO I SKYDIVE? Please read ⬇️
People always ask me this question. Is it the rush? Is it the adrenaline? The fear? For some people skydiving is a way of proving you have some boldness. For some that you are cool. And for others that you are crazy. Truth is for me is non of the above. Skydiving is a phor of what a human can accomplish if they take their passion with discipline. Have you ever really thought how crazy it is that people can jump out of a plane and survive? We are breaking the laws of nature! Our brain is not wired to do it. And then again we do it! To me proves that there is no limit for any goal! As soon as I jump it gives me a unique sensation. When I let go off the plane my head goes quiet. Nothing exist except right now this second. Every responsibility pending or thought is totally gone. The past does not longer prevail and the future is not even a possibility to process. It&amprsquos almost like meditation. A hyper focus moment when you actually have your life in your hands. And surprisingly this causes some peace in my head. Funny thing is that my mom was so against me being a skydiver because she thought it would make me unconscious reality is it has made me the most conscious I&amprsquove ever been in my life. Getting out of your confront zone usually can be scary but also a learning experience. Try it all and do it all. I&amprsquod rather know that I&amprsquove tried than living knowing I never did. Let&amprsquos push to keep flying. Excited to show you what I&amprsquove been shooting in the clouds #JuanParachute
Pic by @arturoplataa.

WHY DO I SKYDIVE? Please read ⬇️ &bull Peop ...

Took this selfie in the Dead Sea. Surprisingly the water is green and even more shocking I have a goat beard 🐐.

Took this selfie in the Dead Sea. Surprisingly the ...

One house at a time #LoveArmyMexio 🇲🇽💪🏻
Ella es Berta el d&ampiacutea que le entregamos la casa a su hijo estuvimos platicando por horas. Hay veces que conoces personas con las que puedes hablar y hablar y el tiempo vuela Berta es una de ellas. Tuvimos la deliciosa oportunidad de probar su atole y tortas. Cuando nos despedimos me tom&ampoacute de las manos y me dijo que ella ser&ampiacutea mi &ampaacutengel guardi&ampaacuten. Nunca nadie me hab&ampiacutea dicho eso. Fue un sentimiento s&ampuacuteper bonito y diferente. C&ampoacutemo un apoyo incondicional de amor y buena energ&ampiacutea para siempre. Es de esas cosas que no sabes exactamente qu&ampeacute se sienten hasta que te lo dicen. Gracias Berta por cuidarme por ser un Alma llena de luz y buena energ&ampiacutea. Que sepas que &ampeacutesta es una memoria que qued&ampoacute y quedar&ampaacute muy sembrada dentro de mi el resto de mi vida ✨. Nos vemos pronto en mi siguiente visita a Ocuilan.
Seguimos trabajando 💪🏻🇲🇽  pic by @arturoplataa.

One house at a time #LoveArmyMexio 🇲🇽💪🏠...

Missing Africa🦒  Where do you want to travel?.

Missing Africa🦒 Where do you want to travel? ...

Spider-Juan 🕷 SWIPE
I&amprsquove always been a huge marvel fan and in my last day of my trip to NYC this idea just hit me. Peter Parker is from Queens so I thought why not look for a legit costume and give it a try. It was my last day there and the sun was setting we found the costume but the two boots were broken either way we got it and pinned them in the back 😂. This picture was taken literally outside the costume store because we were running out of light we were extremely lucky we had the Empire State and the classic NYC smoke. I&amprsquod say the best part of this experience was seeing the kids reactions picture 3. They legit thought I was him 😂🙌🏻 and it was the best sensation ever. I even changed my voice and said &ampldquoYes I&amprsquom friendly neighborhood Spiderman&amprdquo. For a second I actually believed I was him and for someone who was been reading comics since I have memories made this day one of my favorites ever. But you know... With great power comes great responsibility 😜. Tag a marvel fan ⬇️
By the legend @care_much.

Spider-Juan 🕷 SWIPE &bull I&rsquove alway ...

Every time I see an icy environment it blows my mind it&amprsquos so majestic s the symmetry and the textures. Very cool literally ❄️  by @care_much.

Every time I see an icy environment it blows my mi ...

Dos con todo por favor 🌮  by @care_much.

Dos con todo por favor 🌮 by @care_much ...

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