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Free stuff? Big photo shoots? Fancy things wherever you go? Today on our IGTV dancer and vlogger Cameron Field @cameronfield_ breaks down some of the myths influencers face... with a sense of humor. 🙃

Photo by @cameronfield_.

Free stuff? Big photo shoots? Fancy things whereve ...

play_circle_filled Dancer and vlogger Cameron Field @cameronfield_ separates truth from fiction with a sense of humor..

Dancer and vlogger Cameron Field @cameronfield_ se ...

Hello world. Today&amprsquos #WeeklyFluff is Cliff @call.me.cliff a 3-year-old Siberian cat from Berlin who loves to curl up with a good book. 📖 😸 &ampldquoCliff mostly sleeps on the books whereas I like to read to them&amprdquo says Cliff&amprsquos human Ezgi.
Photo by @call.me.cliff.

Hello world. Today&rsquos #WeeklyFluff is Cliff ...

In many of her jewelry designs Wing Yau the fashion designer behind WWAKE @wwake features opals &ampmdash a stone she&amprsquos loved since childhood. &ampldquoI had visited Australia and the South Pacific islands&amprdquo explains Wing. &ampldquoWe collected opals and seashells and so I have a deep-rooted nostalgia for those materials.&amprdquo
Today we&amprsquore with Wing in her studio located in Brooklyn&amprsquos Greenpoint neighborhood. Watch our story to see more of Wing&amprsquos process then shop her designs over on @shop &ampmdash a new account where you can discover and shop from up-and-coming designers. 🌈✨.

In many of her jewelry designs Wing Yau the fashio ...

#Cannes you believe it? Sundy Jules @sundyjules sure can&amprsquot. The 20-year-old French creator is at the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. &ampldquoI&amprsquom excited for everything&amprdquo Sundy says. &ampldquoThe films the beach the parties hanging out with my friends but definitely mostly excited for the films.&amprdquo
Do you know how to say &ampldquowalk the red carpet&amprdquo in French? 🤔 Find out from Sundy in a little quiz we like to call #GameOn on our story now..

#Cannes you believe it? Sundy Jules @sundyjules su ...

Choreographers Shivani Bhagwan @shivanibhagwan and Chaya Kumar @chayakumar are the brains behind BFunk @bfunk. &ampldquoBFunk stands for the two styles of dance that we teach BhangraFunk and BollyFunk&amprdquo explains Shivani. &ampldquoIt&amprsquos a fusion between elements of our western upbringing and our eastern roots&amprdquo explains Chaya. &ampldquoOur heritage is woven through every fiber of our work. Dance is not a recreation in India it&amprsquos a part of our culture. It&amprsquos a means of celebration. It&amprsquos a means of storytelling. It&amprsquos a means of communication.&amprdquo
According to Shivani &ampldquo#APAHeritageMonth is wonderful because it promotes education drives conversation and builds awareness and that is the birthplace for growth.&amprdquo
Photo of @bfunk by @pavithraphotos.

Choreographers Shivani Bhagwan @shivanibhagwan and ...

play_circle_filled Hello world. Today&amprsquos #WeeklyFluff is Alex @alexthehonkingbird a 20-year-old cockatiel from Brisbane Australia and a head-bangin&amprsquo rock star. 🤘 &ampldquoI never expected thousands of people all around the world would become fans of my birds&amprdquo says Annika Howells who also looks after Alex&amprsquos son Dominic a xylophone player. Rock on!
Video by @alexthehonkingbird.

Hello world. Today&rsquos #WeeklyFluff is Alex ...

Time travel Maseratis 🐴 duh and even Chris Rock ?! all have a moment in Lil Nas X&amprsquos @lilnasx video for #OldTownRoad &ampmdash which just dropped.💰 &ampldquoThe past few weeks of my life with &amplsquoOld Town Road&amprsquo dominating the charts have been unreal&amprdquo says the 20-year-old artist originally from Atlanta Georgia.
Today on our IGTV we&amprsquore behind the scenes at the shoot of #OldTownRoadMovie. Giddy up. 🤠
Photo by @lilnasx.

Time travel Maseratis 🐴 duh and even Chris Rock ...

play_circle_filled See what filming the music video for Lil Nas X&amprsquos @lilnasx hit song #OldTownRoad was all about. And yes there was some ridin&amprsquo on a 🐴 HA..

See what filming the music video for Lil Nas X& ...

For most dogs having to wear a medical collar is not typically a good look. This ongoing &ampldquoCone of Shame&amprdquo #coneofshame photo project set out to change that. &ampldquoI wanted to take that sad moment and twist it into something beautiful and majestic &ampmdash to take the shame out of the cone&amprdquo says Winnie Au @winniewow who photographed various dogs wearing custom sculptural cones created by costume designer Marie-Yan Morvan @marieyan. &ampldquoThese dogs have not recently had surgeries&amprdquo Winnie adds. &ampldquoThey were all dogs photographed in good health who were comfortable wearing a cone.&amprdquo
Winnie is currently selling prints of the project and donating a portion of the proceeds to Animal Haven&amprsquos Recovery Road Fund @animalhaven for rescue dogs in need of urgent help &ampldquoso that all the dogs of the world can get the medical care they need and wear their cones proudly&amprdquo Winnie says. Check out more pups who proudly turned their cones of shame into a fashion statement today on our story.
Photo by @winniewow.

For most dogs having to wear a medical collar is n ...

play_circle_filled You&amprsquore invited to this glitter party in Bergamo Italy. No vacuum required. Federica Zamponi @floreal.slimes is a 17-year-old slime-maker who uses glitter &ampmdash and lots of it &ampmdash to make sparkly holographic unicorn goo. 🦄 ✨ 
Tune in to our story and IGTV channel right now to fully experience the ASMR sounds of glitter.
Video by @floreal.slimes.

You&rsquore invited to this glitter party in Be ...

play_circle_filled Slime-maker Federica Zamponi @floreal.slimes invites us to her glitter party. No vacuuming required..

Slime-maker Federica Zamponi @floreal.slimes invit ...