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31. Singer. Songwriter. Essex Girl. Aries. Vegan. Cook. Addicted to my label maker. Bye.


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3 Stories

Essex girl in Essex ✅
Catsuit @sevali_ ✅
Nails by @jennynails ✅
Alisha&amprsquos hair ✅ 
Hair by @alishadobson ✅
Little ass ✅
Little cellulite ✅
🦋 ✅.

Essex girl in Essex ✅ Catsuit @sevali_ ✅ Nails ...

play_circle_filled @plantbasednews DM&amprsquod me and asked to sit down and talk about MY journey to becoming a vegan. I said yes and I spoke from MY heart. 🌱❤️.

@plantbasednews DM&rsquod me and asked to sit d ...

Hands down one of the prettiest festivals I have ever seen. Thank you Henley. I had so much fun. Still feel like someone got married though? ❤️.

Hands down one of the prettiest festivals I have e ...


🇵🇹❤️ ...

play_circle_filled &ampldquoStop playing with your body lady
Stop feeling like you&amprsquore not enough
Stop feeding into the haters
Stop and give yourself some love
Woah oh oh 
Stop staring at the mirror getting faded 
Saying you wont fall in love 
Stop trusting all these fake idiots 
Trust me they don&amprsquot give a fuck 
Woah oh oh 
I&amprsquom tired of seeing it 
I&amprsquom tired of feeling this 
The world says beauty is changing 
It&amprsquos fake expectation 
Of the real shit 
Let&amprsquos get naked 
Start meditating 
Feel elevated and say...&amprdquo
Thank YOU for listening and hearing. The silence in the audience is CRAZY. Music is so much bigger than me. This video and the way the audience is truly showing this song and this moment the upmost respect is magical for me. 😢❤️
@therealstephenfreeman on 🎹✨
This song is called &ampldquoQUEEN&amprdquo from my last album R.O.S.E. The acoustic version with @theycallmecamper.

&ldquoStop playing with your body lady Stop fee ...

SATURDAY 13TH JULY. ESSEX. #thelastytour 
I&amprsquom headlining @evokefestival in Brentwood! 
Essex is my home town. Daves home town. ❤️ It&amprsquos going to be a special show. Come and seeee us!!! Tickets available at jessiejofficial.com 🇬🇧.

SATURDAY 13TH JULY. ESSEX. #thelastytour I&rsq ...

play_circle_filled Over the years I have learnt it&amprsquos best to not react to the negative things people say about me my voice and my shows. 
BUT one thing that still gets under my skin is the amount of people that continuously accuse me of not singing live and using audio tune on my shows. 
I just want to say this... I have been touring and performing for over 10 years. I work hard. I practice. I am extremely disciplined. I make huge sacrifices to be able to perform LIVE with my band every night. I am obsessed with technique and breathing. Therefore I have made it my mission to always BE FULL LIVE. 
I do not mime. 
I have never used auto tune in the studio or on stage. Ask anyone I have ever recorded with or any of my crew. I specially ask for it to be removed if I work with someone new and they add it to my mix. I have never lip synced. I LOVE what I do and I love to do things the traditional way. 
This is all I know. I grew up listening to the greats who never mimed. I just want to be remembered as a great singer. So I work at and want to be the best version of ME I can be. I have to FEEL it. I cannot do that miming. Thats my truth. I am a fair and honest player with myself. I don&amprsquot cheat. So if I&amprsquom off I&amprsquom off. I watch it back and practice until it&amprsquos better and improved. I care about mirroring the audience and when the audience give their all Its only right I do too. I am also not throwing shade to anyone that mines or lip syncs. Everybody has to live their own truth and their own way as an artist. 
But truthfully I grow tired of people convincing themselves and trying to convince others of something that is not MY TRUTH. 
If you don&amprsquot believe in it or believe in me. Don&amprsquot speak on it or speak on me. Simple. 
The &ampldquoplease&amprdquo at the beginning of the video is flat af and the end is off too... so excuse me why I go and practice it 1009973039 times until it&amprsquos not. Bye. 
This song is called &ampldquoEasy on me&amprdquo &ampldquoPlease don&amprsquot be so hard 
So hard on my heart 
I&amprsquom a delicate flower trying to grow inside your arms
Go easy on me 
Go easy on me 
Go easy on me&amprdquo.

Over the years I have learnt it&rsquos best to ...

play_circle_filled In 20 days this song is 5 years old! MAAAAAD! Still goes OFF 🌈✨🦋❤️🎸👅🦚🌻🌪🍒 &ampldquoBANG BANG BABY YEAH&amprdquo.

In 20 days this song is 5 years old! MAAAAAD! Stil ...

I got Eiffel Towers all over my trousers 🦋Tonight was hands down one of my favourite shows I have EVER done 💎Merci Paris.

I got Eiffel Towers all over my trousers 🦋Tonig ...

Paris makes me feel romantic and calm. I like it. A lot. #thelastytour.

Paris makes me feel romantic and calm. I like it. ...

TONIGHT IN 🇷🇴 WAS 💃🏻🌈 🌊🌹🥳🧠💋🤳🏻💥🌪💦🎤 📸 @alivecoverage.

TONIGHT IN 🇷🇴 WAS 💃🏻🌈 🌊🌹🥳 ...

Wearing an amazing 🇷🇴 designer @seen.users in 🇷🇴 Thank you 💃🏻🌹 #thelastytour 
Legs 11 😏.

Wearing an amazing 🇷🇴 designer @seen.users i ...

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