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By 2050 London will feel more like Barcelona Seattle will feel like San Francisco and New York will feel like Virginia Beach according to a new climate change study conducted by the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich university. Drawing these city-to-city comparisons can &ampquothelp people visualize the impact of climate change in their own city within their lifetime&ampquot said Jean-Francois Bastin lead author of the study. Most European cities are expected to become 3.5 degrees Celsius 6.3 Fahrenheit warmer in the summer and 4.7 degrees Celsius 8.5 Fahrenheit warmer in the winter. These might not sound like significant shifts but warming temperatures could encourage the spread of infectious disease endanger food security and lead to water shortages said Alex Lo a senior lecturer in climate change at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand..

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1 week. #OnceUponATimeInHollywood ...

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A grassroots solution. 
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#Regram #RG @cnnclimate Environmentalists have removed more than 40 tons of plastic from the Pacific Ocean. And while that might seem like a lot &ampmdash equivalent in weight to about 24 cars &ampmdash it barely made a dent. Members of the Ocean Voyages Institute said the cleanup mission was the &ampquotlargest and most successful ocean cleanup to date&ampquot in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Located between California and Hawaii it is the biggest concentration of floating debris in the world. The crew removed trash including detergent bottles plastic furniture and childrens toys and also collected fishing gear called &ampquotghost nets&ampquot &ampmdash massive nets of nylon or polypropylene that drift and accumulate plastic debris. &ampldquoWhat we&amprsquove done out there is small compared to the magnitude of the problem but it&amprsquos scalable and can be spread&amprdquo said the founder of the group. Its estimated that 1.15 to 2.41 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year. 📸 Ocean Voyages Institute.

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An incredible win for the Amazon. The Waorani have succeeded in protecting over 500000 acres of rainforest from oil drilling. Proud to support the #WaoraniResistance. 
#Regram #RG @amazonfrontlines Today Waorani leaders gave a symbolic press conference outside Ecuador&amprsquos first oil well explaining what this historic victory means for the Waorani People and neighbouring indigenous nations across the Ecuadorian Amazon &ampldquoThe court&amprsquos final ruling states very clearly that our territory is our decision and that our forest is not for sale!&ampquot said Nemonte Nenquimo Waorani leader. &ampldquoThis is a victory for all indigenous nations that have been manipulated and deceived by the government and whose rights have been violated. The Government has to listen to us and respect our decisions and the lives of all Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon.&ampldquo Now let&amprsquos build on the Waoranis precedent-setting victory in order to defend 7 million acres more of rainforest under threat from oil extraction in the Ecuadorian Amazon! Link in bio #ResistenciaWaorani #waoraniresistance.

An incredible win for the Amazon. The Waorani have ...

play_circle_filled Join the fight for the vaquita. @SeaofShadows exposes and combats the criminal enterprises driving the worlds smallest porpoise to extinction. Now playing across the US. Link in bio for tickets. #SeaofShadows.

Join the fight for the vaquita. @SeaofShadows expo ...

#Regram #RG @gretathunberg School strike week 46. The climate crisis doesn&amprsquot go on summer holiday and neither will we. We go on. #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #climatestrike.

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Yesterday I flew over part of the Amazon and saw how the current Brazilian government is against environmental policies. The National Institute of Space Research detected an increase of 88% in Amazon deforestation comparing June 2019 to June 2018. Since the beginning of the extreme right-wing government of President Jair Bolsonaro there is an expansion of economic activities in the region that clear the forest for mining agricultural expansion and livestock. #everydayclimatechange #climatecrisis #brazil #amazon #rainforest #stressnexus #leicam10.

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#Regram #RG @paulnicklen All that a grizzly bear from Alaska should worry about is its next meal saving energy the whereabouts of other bears and gaining weight for the long winter hibernation ahead. What they should not be worrying about is human encroachment mining activity who is going to put a bullet in them from a cowardly distance roads being built through fragile habitat toxic mining chemicals flowing down its salmon bearing streams harassment by low flying mining helicopters excessive noise and overall destruction of its habitat. Thank you to everyone who weighed in on the Pebble Mine. We need you and so do these bears. Thank you for lending your voice power and might in this cause. Go to the link in my bio. #nopebblemine With @ericnixonphoto and @liannanixon.

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#Regram #RG @amazonfrontlines The Waorani communities thank everyone standing in solidarity with their struggle &ampldquoIn the name of our forests our rivers and our ancestors we the Waorani People thank you for standing in solidarity with us in this struggle. Our children and future generations will remember your commitment to safeguard the lungs of the earth the Amazon. Our struggle continues and your support will continue to be vital! Now we need more signatures to reach our goal of 500 000! &amprdquo - @waoresistencia
Sign the Waoranis urgent letter! link in bio


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play_circle_filled The endangered vaquita is on the brink of extinction with fewer than 15 remaining. Take action and sign the petition via the link in bio and watch the incredible fight to save them in @seaofshadows premiering&ampnbsp‪7/12‬&ampnbspin select theaters. #SaveTheVaquitaDay.

The endangered vaquita is on the brink of extincti ...

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The climate crisis is altering seasonal patterns and fueling disasters across the nation. 🚨 In California this means hotter days and more severe weather events including wildfires. 🔥 As a result Californians face a variety of increasing health problems from asthma to heat strokes. California residents have much to gain from climate action&ampmdashand lives to lose if we fail to clean up climate-damaging pollution. Learn more via the link in our profile. - 
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