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Monarch butterflies migrate annually from Mexico and California to the northern US and Canada. Multiple facets of climate change are contributing to the variation in migratory patterns and population size. Global warming adversely affects monarchs&amprsquo reproductive cycles and development at all stages of life and delays the butterflies&amprsquo natural instincts to make moves. Coupled with increased storms rain and high winds the migration is greatly disrupted.
This great journey is further impeded by the declining availability of the monarch&amprsquos main food source and breeding place milkweed. Increasing temperatures and periods of drought are making it harder for this plant to grow. Illegal logging and land-use changes are limiting the space where it can flourish. Farmers use of herbicide-resistant varieties of crops allows for more liberal spraying of herbicides and pesticides. This helps control weeds in their fields but also depletes the natural habitat for butterflies.
Monarchs pollinate plants like milkweed and allow them to flourish. Without these pollinators the natural food web and human food systems are damaged. This unique migratory process is not only a spectacular sight but has far-reaching effects on larger ecosystems. 
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The world is listening to @gretathunberg. Organizers estimate that on March 15 a remarkable 1.6 million people in 133 countries participated in a climate strike inspired by the 16-year-old Swedish activist&amprsquos solo action&ampmdashmostly students who walked out of #school for a few minutes an hour or a full day of #protest. Since then the walkouts have continued with students around the world united by the #FridaysForFuture and #YouthStrike4Climate hashtags. Thunberg attributes her determination to her diagnosis of Asperger&amprsquos a mild form of autism spectrum disorder. &ampldquoIt makes me see the world differently. I see through lies more easily&amprdquo she says. &ampldquoI don&amprsquot like compromising. For me it&amprsquos either you are #sustainable or not&ampmdashyou can&amprsquot be a little bit sustainable.&amprdquo Her openness about her diagnosis and willingness to share about her experiences of depression anxiety and eating disorders are another reason why many see Thunberg as a role model. &ampldquoTo be different is not a weakness. It&amprsquos a strength in many ways because you stand out from the crowd.&amprdquo Thunberg is in the 2019 class of Next Generation Leaders featuring rising stars in politics technology culture science sports and entertainment. Read more and see the full list at the link in bio. Video by @streiffert for TIME..

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Mexico City produces 13000 tonnes of waste every day. #mexico #waste #pollution #environment #nature.

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Focusing on never-before-seen solutions to the environmental crisis #IceOnFire which I produced and narrated premieres June 11 at 8PM on @hbo..

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play_circle_filled In this town it can all change&amphelliplike that! Link in bio to watch the new #OnceUponATimeInHollywood trailer. In theaters ‪July 26.‬.

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play_circle_filled Proud to bring #AndWeGoGreen co-produced by Appian Way to @festivaldecannes. @fiaformulae #ABBFormulaE.

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Photo by Ami Vitale @amivitale  On Monday @UnitedNations released the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystems. It states clearly that our human activity is taking down one million plants and animals causing the sixth extinction event on this planet. It&amprsquos happening at an incredibly fast and accelerating rate. A million beautiful ancient creatures like Sudan might breathe their last breath in our lifetime here in his final moments Sudan was comforted by dedicated @olpejeta keeper Zacharia Mutai. Witnessing the last of anything die is something I never want to do again. Witnessing it a million times over may be more than my heart can stand and may be more than our fragile ecosystem can bear. Nature needs us now. 
Support and engage @conservationorg @nature_org @nature_africa and other orgs working to build a future in which we can live in harmony with nature. In order to protect prevent more heartbreaking deaths like this we need to conserve 30% of the planet by 2030. @safariparkdvurkralove #rhinos #DontLetThemDisappear #stoppoaching #kenya.

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Bleaching is bad for coral. It happens when heat-stressed polyps the sessile animals that construct coral reefs eject the photosynthetic algae which usually reside within them. These algae are symbionts providing nutrients to their hosts in return for shelter so losing them is harmful to polyps and often results in their death. The higher temperatures brought about by global warming have therefore led to worries that more frequent episodes of bleaching might result in the loss of entire reefs. For the full article search &ampquotProtecting coral reefs&ampquot at economist.com Credit Getty Images/cinoby #coral #reef #coralreef #sea #nature #photography #underwater #climatechange #conservation.

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#Regram #RG @extinctionrebellion🐝 On Sunday @xr_families_london and friends marched from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace to hand in letters to the Queen asking her to declare a Bee Rehabilitation Programme on all her land across the UK.
Without bees we would be very hungry - they pollinate much of the crops and plants that produce our food. Thirty-five species of bees in the UK are facing extinction because of habitat-loss and pesticides. 🐝
#savethebees #extinctionrebellion #xrfamilies
Photo by @jeremyhutchison.

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For more than a decade the threat of North America&amprsquos largest copper and gold mine has loomed over the headwaters of Bristol Bay Alaska. This project would directly impact the world&amprsquos largest and greatest sockeye salmon run putting in jeopardy thousands of American jobs a 10000 year cultural tradition of subsistence and a huge sport fishing and tourism economy. Today we have another chance to ensure the Pebble Mine doesnt put this all at risk. Click the link in bio to let the Army Corps of Engineers know that you oppose the construction of Pebble Mine. #SaveBristolBay #NoPebbleMine
Photo by Ben Knight.

For more than a decade the threat of North America ...

#Regram #RG @cnn For the first time since 1882 when the first coal-fired power plant started running in the UK the country has gone coal-free for a full week according to the National Grid Electricity System Operator. &ampquotWhile this is the first time this has happened I predict it will become the new normal&ampquot said Fintan Slye director of the ESO. &ampquotWe believe that by 2025 we will be able to fully operate Great Britains electricity system with zero carbon.&ampquot For more on renewable energy follow @cnnclimate 📸 Andrew Aitchison/In Pictures via Getty Images.

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play_circle_filled #Regram #RG @tictoc Over 1000000 species on the planet are facing extinction says the UNs first comprehensive report on global biodiversity..

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