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4 Stories

4 Stories

👼🏼🦷spending the night writing music and screaming through my period cramps 🦷👼🏼.

👼🏼🦷spending the night writing music and s ...

play_circle_filled 👼🏼Snippet of &ampldquoRecess&amprdquo off my album K-12!&ampnbsp👼🏼 Artwork @pastelae&ampnbsp💗 &ampldquoPeople gonna say if you need a break someone will take your place people gonna try to tell you that you&amprsquore fine with dollars in their eyes. Just remember.. Don&amprsquot let them Fuck You honey no oh don&amprsquot let them try. Oooh Don&amprsquot let them hurt you baby just say  Recess I&amprsquom tired.&amprdquo.

👼🏼Snippet of &ldquoRecess&rdquo off my ...

My love language is chocolate 🍫.

My love language is chocolate 🍫 ...

👼🏼Doorway to Love👼🏼.

👼🏼Doorway to Love👼🏼 ...

💗that bitch💗.

💗that bitch💗 ...

play_circle_filled ✨Snippet of &ampldquoDetention&amprdquo off of my album K-12! ✨ &ampquotBaby can you meet me tonight in detention? 
I can feel your blood pressure rise fuck this tension. 
Let me crawl up into your mind did I mention? 
Pretending everything&amprsquos alright is detention.&ampquot Artwork @pastelae💗.

✨Snippet of &ldquoDetention&rdquo off of m ...

play_circle_filled Snippet of &ampldquoThe Principal&amprdquo🧚🏼&ampzwj♀️ off my album K-12! Coming sept 6✨

Artwork @pastelae 💗 &ampldquoYou don&amprsquot know the pain that you are causing yeah your actions hurt so do your words.
The more you try to fuck us over we will be there yelling at your front door.&amprdquo.

Snippet of &ldquoThe Principal&rdquo🧚🏼 ...

play_circle_filled Snippet of Lunchbox Friends from my album K-12 coming sept 6🧚🏼&ampzwj♀️✨💘 Artwork @pastelae 💗 &ampldquoOh they talk shit though...
I don&amprsquot want no lunchbox friends no oh
I want someone who understands oh oh 
Come to my house let&amprsquos die together
Friendship that would last forever no oh
No lunchbox friends no oh
No lunchbox friends...&amprdquo &ampldquoDie&ampldquo is not literal it is a phor for transformation/rebirth. Similar to the death card in tarot. Big Scorpio energy..

Snippet of Lunchbox Friends from my album K-12 com ...

✨Just as quick as you receive my magic I can take it away.✨.

✨Just as quick as you receive my magic I can tak ...


🍓🎂 ...


🍓🍓🍓 ...

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