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♡CRYBABY♡ ♡K-12♡


No words will ever describe this feeling🥺Beaming love💗 MY BABY K-12 IS OUT NOW! Thank you so much to all of you beautiful beings for making time to go see this film in theatres aswell as the premiere on @youtubemusic 💗 you all made this experience so fucking special. Crying tears of joy reading messages about how the film has resonated with you all. If you haven&amprsquot seen it 💘Go Get The Album + Film 💘 ✨LINK IN BIO✨.

No words will ever describe this feeling🥺Beamin ...

play_circle_filled 💗 Snippet of &ampquotStrawberry Shortcake&ampquot off my album K-12 💗 Coming out in 2 fucking days!!!!
Artwork @pastelae 👼 &ampquotInstead of making me feel bad for the body I got just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop&ampquot.

💗 Snippet of &quotStrawberry Shortcake&qu ...

play_circle_filled 💕&ampnbspSnippet of &ampquotOrange Juice&ampquot off my album K-12&ampnbsp💕&ampnbspComing out in 4 days!!!!
Artwork @pastelae 👼
🍊&ampnbsp&ampquotYou turn oranges to orange juice enter there then spit it out of you. Your body is imperfectly perfect everyone wants what the other ones working. No Orange Juice.&ampquot&ampnbsp🍊.

💕&nbspSnippet of &quotOrange Juice&quo ...

play_circle_filled Snippet of my personal favorite &ampquotNurses Office&ampquot off my album K-12! Coming out in 9 fucking days!💗👼🏼 &ampldquoDont cut me punch me just let me go into the nurses office where I float away Im pale as the loose leaf paper they grow from hollowing out all my lungs in the snow.  Yeah Im coughing&amprdquo

Artwork @pastelae.

Snippet of my personal favorite &quotNurses Off ...

play_circle_filled 💗Snippet of &ampldquoDrama Club&amprdquo off K-12!💗 Artwork @pastelae✨ &ampldquoYou&amprsquore over analyzing  every word I say. There&amprsquos a whole world out there you&amprsquore living a play. Fuck your auditorium I think it&amprsquos pretty boring and I never signed up for your drama up for your drama up for your drama club. I never signed up for your drama up for your drama club.&amprdquo

💗Snippet of &ldquoDrama Club&rdquo off K- ...

play_circle_filled 💕Snippet of &ampldquoShow &ampamp Tell&amprdquo off K-12! 💕 &ampldquoWhy is it so hard to see? If I cut myself I would bleed. I&amprsquom just like you you&amprsquore like me. Imperfect and human are we.&amprdquo Artwork @pastelae ✨👼🏼.

💕Snippet of &ldquoShow &amp Tell&rdquo ...

play_circle_filled Snippet of &ampldquoTeacher&amprsquos Pet&amprdquo off my album K-12 coming out in 22 days!👼🏼💗 ✨PRE-ORDER LINK IN BIO ✨

Artwork by @pastelae &ampldquoShe&amprsquos feeling like a spider in a cage you liar. you were her desire now she wants to light you on fire. But fuck it she&amprsquoll still give you a call and a lighter when you wanna get high and mess around till you get numb.&amprdquo.

Snippet of &ldquoTeacher&rsquos Pet&rdquo ...

play_circle_filled 💗Snippet of &ampldquoClass Fight&amprdquo off my album K-12!💗 Artwork @pastelae&ampnbsp👼🏼.

💗Snippet of &ldquoClass Fight&rdquo off m ...

play_circle_filled ✨Snippet of &ampldquoWheels On The Bus&amprdquo from K-12✨
&ampquotIm saying nothing No ones watching us dont give a fuck wheels on the bus.
Im holding it down up in the front wheels on the bus. Ooh.&ampquot Artwork @pastelae.

✨Snippet of &ldquoWheels On The Bus&rdquo ...

👼🏼First Round of Dates for The K-12 Tour more international dates to be announced👼🏼
💗PRE-ORDER the album from my webstore until Aug 5th 2PM PT / 5PM ET in the US and 2PM BST in the UK &ampamp EU to get early access to tickets💗.

👼🏼First Round of Dates for The K-12 Tour mor ...

💗K-12 will be screened in select cinemas worldwide on September 5th. LINK IN BIO FOR TICKETS💗 ✨+ First batch of K-12 merch and limited edition vinyl on my webstore now too!✨.

💗K-12 will be screened in select cinemas worldw ...

✨K-12 BACK COVER / TRACKLIST✨ 💗Pre-order the album from my webstore to gain early access to pre-sale tickets for my upcoming TOUR💗 👼🏼LINK IN BIO👼🏼.

✨K-12 BACK COVER / TRACKLIST✨ 💗Pre-order th ...

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