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9 Stories

9 Stories

&ampldquoWhen you go into a jewelry store sometimes they make you feel embarrassed as if they don&amprsquot want you to touch anything&amprdquo says @thelastlinela founder Shelley Gibbs Sanders. &ampldquoBut if you&amprsquore going to spend a lot of money it should be enjoyable!&amprdquo Enter The Last Line a collection of fine jewelry sold direct to the consumer in a much warmer way. &ampldquoWe try to work with everyone on a personal level&amprdquo Shelley says. &ampldquoI&amprsquoll even jump into the DMs at 11 at night and talk to customers around the world.&amprdquo.

&ldquoWhen you go into a jewelry store sometime ...

&ampldquoI reduce waste everywhere I can&amprdquo says Marre Muijs founder of the Melbourne-based shoe label @essenthelabel the name is short for &ampldquoessentials&amprdquo. Launched in 2016 with only three styles ESSEN&amprsquos shoes are handmade in solar-powered factories and sold on a preorder basis to prevent overproduction. &ampldquoThe whole idea is to focus on wardrobe staples&amprdquo says Marre. &ampldquoPeople want to go back to buying less&ampmdashand buying better.&amprdquo.

&ldquoI reduce waste everywhere I can&rdquo ...

@supernal.co&amprsquos Melissa Medvedich thinks face oil is kind of like pizza. Yes we said pizza. &ampldquoThere are so many slices in New York City&amprdquo she says. &ampldquoSometimes you want gluten-free sometimes you want a dollar slice sometimes you want gourmet veggie....&amprdquo Melissa says face-oil blends have that same level of variety&ampmdashwhich is what led the publishing-world veteran&ampndashturned&ampndasharomatherapist to create a brand featuring her own dream formula..

@supernal.co&rsquos Melissa Medvedich thinks fa ...

&ampldquoOlive oil is not like wine&amprdquo says @wearebrightland founder Aishwarya Iyer. &ampldquoIt doesnt get better with age.&amprdquo Aishwarya speaks from experience. Four years ago after suffering from persistent stomachaches she took a closer look at her kitchen pantry and discovered that her oil was making her sick. &ampldquoI learned that a lot of olive oil being sold is rotten or rancid or has been adulterated&amprdquo she says. &ampldquoThat was the initial impetus for me to say &amplsquoI think there can be something better out there.&amprsquo&amprdquo Aishwarya&amprsquos year-old company Brightland offers three preservative-free olive oil blends all produced at a single-estate organic farm in California&ampmdashand packaged in bottles coated with UV-protectant powder which better preserves the amazingness inside..

&ldquoOlive oil is not like wine&rdquo says ...

&ampldquoQuite honestly a handkerchief is just something that I&amprsquove always carried with me&amprdquo says @hankskerchiefs founder Colin Hanks. The habit goes back a few Hanks-ian generations. &ampldquoMy grandfather always had one. He&amprsquod blow his nose in it and I thought that that was the most disgusting thing in the world. And then my dad always wore kerchiefs a lot on vacations.&amprdquo Colin says that emotional connection was the first thing that got him thinking about making handkerchiefs&ampmdashand the second was the utility of the product itself. &ampldquoI&amprsquove used them for all sorts of things&amprdquo he says. &ampldquoProtection from the sun a way to get someone&amprsquos attention in public personal hand towel&amphellip I even used a handkerchief as a coffee filter.&amprdquo
πŸ€§πŸŽ‰β€οΈ πŸ“Έ Haley Scott
In today&amprsquos special Father&amprsquos Day Story learn more about Colin&amprsquos made-in-Los Angeles brand!.

&ldquoQuite honestly a handkerchief is just som ...

Isabella Giancarlo and Laura Kraber launched @fluidebeauty&amprsquos bright lip s shadows polishes and glitters in 2017 with an upfront mission of being a space for all genders within the beauty industry. &ampldquoIt&amprsquos about using your face as a canvas&amprdquo says Isabella. &ampldquoThere&amprsquos no rule book.&amprdquo #pride πŸŒˆπŸŽ‰.

Isabella Giancarlo and Laura Kraber launched @flui ...

&ampldquoYou&amprsquore too cute to chafe&amprdquo says @megababe founder Katie Sturino whose success with an inclusive fashion blog inspired her to start a personal care brand that focuses on body issues like boob sweat and thigh chafing. Katie&amprsquos products have clearly struck a chord&ampmdashin addition to the best-selling Bust Dust and Thigh Rescue Megababe&amprsquos new natural sage and green tea deodorant Rosy Pits drew a 13000-deep wait list after it was announced.
Today on our Story Katie shares her tips for beating the summer heat!.

&ldquoYou&rsquore too cute to chafe&rdquo ...

&ampldquoI have expensive taste but I don&amprsquot like the idea of spending a fortune on an item&amprdquo says @jlanijewels founder Lani Nesbit. &ampldquoSo I wanted to create items that look more expensive than they actually are.&amprdquo Almost 10 years ago while Lani was dreaming up her line she was working at FedEx where luckily enough she met other entrepreneurs who suggested manufacturers for her to reach out to. &ampldquoI really feel like my job was divine timing&amprdquo she says. Eight years after launching and now based in Miami @jlanijewels offers more than 180 styles and counts Issa Rae Halsey and Beyonc&ampeacute among its fans. &ampldquoYou know&amprdquo Lani says with a laugh &ampldquoI met Beyonc&ampeacute&amprsquos stylist at FedEx too.&amprdquo πŸ‘‘πŸβ€οΈ.

&ldquoI have expensive taste but I don&rsquo ...

play_circle_filled &ampldquoI used to just use bar soap to wash my face&amprdquo says @thenimetyou founder Charlotte Cho. &ampldquoI didn&amprsquot care about skin care. I didn&amprsquot think I needed it.&amprdquo But when Charlotte&amprsquos job took her from California to South Korea in 2008 her local colleagues were aghast. They introduced her to the famed double-cleanse method and she promptly retired her bar soap. &ampldquoThe name Then I Met You is meant to signify a deeper turning point in your life&amprdquo the @sokoglam entrepreneur says of her new line whose first release is a double-cleansing set. &ampldquoFor me going to Korea was just that&ampmdashit was where I fell in love with skin care.&amprdquo
In today&amprsquos Story Charlotte explains the science behind the double-cleanse method!.

&ldquoI used to just use bar soap to wash my fa ...

&ampldquo@miaou is one of those companies that accidentally happened&amprdquo says founder Alexia Elkaim. &ampldquoI was working a desk job and making pants on my lunch break. I made 10 pairs did a photoshoot with friends and put them online. The first 10 pairs sold out I made 10 more they sold out and that&amprsquos when I quit my job.&amprdquo The line has gained superfans including #ladygaga who wore their signature pinstriped pants in A Star is Born. &ampldquoI cried when I saw them in the movie&amprdquo Elkaim admits. &ampldquoI was on a date and I just started crying.&amprdquo πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŒˆ.

[email protected] is one of those companies that acc ...

As a fashion editor in New York City @sagesalt founder Corbin Chamberlin always kept one item in his bag&ampmdashsage spray. The homemade spritz allowed him to neutralize negative energy around him without actually burning dried herbs. &ampldquoI&amprsquove always been very sensitive to vibes&amprdquo he says. &ampldquoAnd it was the only way I could smudge myself throughout the day without going to jail for arson.&amprdquo In 2014 Corbin returned to his native Arizona and started selling his Smokeless Smudge full-time. The product was an instant hit He shipped 7000 units in his first six months of production. &ampldquoNow&amprdquo he says &ampldquoI&amprsquom a just a full-on professional witch.&amprdquo πŸ§™πŸ»&ampzwjβ™‚οΈβš‘οΈπŸŒˆ.

As a fashion editor in New York City @sagesalt fou ...

&ampldquoOur entire collection is tried on by everyone&amprdquo says @moderncitizen&amprsquos co-founder Jess Lee of her all-female team of 13. &ampldquoWe have an immediate focus group.&amprdquo With an average price point of $75 the San-Francisco-based retailer is building a more accessible wardrobe for women with Jess and her co-founder Lizzie at the helm. &ampldquoAt the end of the day we are the customer&amprdquo says Jess. &ampldquoWe know exactly what shes looking for.&amprdquo πŸ’ͺ🏼.

&ldquoOur entire collection is tried on by ever ...

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