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@instylemagazine &ldquoWomen from all across the globe have raised their hands and used the #MeToo hashtag&rdquo @Lisa_Borders the first president and CEO of @TimesUpNow says in our February issue. &ldquoThey want to move from a place of survivorship to empowerment. They&rsquore saying &lsquoI have my own personal power now let&rsquos make that a collective power.&rsquo&rdquo And much of that is thanks to Time&rsquos Up. For those who think the organization is little more than a Hollywood fad think again &mdash they&rsquore entering their second year and 3500 people have reached out to them. 60 cases are underway ranging from cashier at a dollar store in Brooklyn to paramedics in Chicago. Click the link in bio to read about how @Lisa_Borders is turning the organization into way more than a movement. #InStyleBadassWomen I Photographed by @jeremy_liebman
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5 months ago