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@instagram Photo by @closedeyegiraffe For the past six years Marie McGrory has asked people around the world from all different walks of life to draw their own @closedeyegiraffe.🦒&rdquoThere are only two rules you have to draw a giraffe and you have to keep your eyes closed&rdquo says Marie who lives in NYC. This giraffe was drawn by Jeff Heimsath @jeffheimsath. &ldquoIt&rsquos just always a fun experience. It&rsquos fun to watch people draw it. It&rsquos fun to watch them react to it. I&rsquom no art therapist so I can&rsquot tell you what your giraffe &lsquomeans&rsquo but I can tell you that each one is so unique and so special.&rdquo Check out our IGTV channel to learn more about Marie&rsquos #closedeyegiraffe project.
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5 months ago