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@instylemagazine @MelissaMcCarthy is a go-getter in all aspects of life but especially when it comes to her craft. &ldquoI love my work and I want to do better every time. We rewrite and rewrite until we&rsquore done making the movie and I&rsquom still like &lsquoCan I get three other lines in?&rsquo Not because I want to win but because I love what we get to do&rdquo she tells @laurabrown99 in our February Badass Women Issue. &ldquoWe always joke that I&rsquom a shark. Ben likes to sit down but I&rsquom better in motion. I want to make. I want to do.&rdquo I Photographed by @robbiefimmano Styled by @juliavonboehm
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5 months ago